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Fredericksburg Office
Spotsylvania Office
Calling this office is always such a dreadful experience...you're put on hold immediately, and the wait time just to get through to make a 10 second appointment can be upwards of 20-30+ minutes. I've been a patient for over a year at this location now, and the on hold wait time has stayed painfully consistent. Really wish Elite Women's Health would get that figured out for their patients.As far as doctors go, I see Dr. Lauren Backey who is phenomenal and makes me feel at home. I really appreciate her 💓
Absolutely love this Dr's office. I went to 2 different places in Fredericksburg to get my Nexplanon removed. The last place told me they couldn't remove it and that I would need to see a specialist to get x-rays done and possibly have it removed surgically. I made an appointment here to get a third opinion before spending $$ on a surgery. I made an appointment and saw Courtney Miller. She was not only able to remove my Nexplanon quickly and painlessly she was also able to get my new b.c in same day. Highly recommended this place as everyone here is very friendly and professional.
Excellent staff - very friendly and willing to answer questions. They’ve been excellent for blood draws. This is a corporate practice with many patients which makes continuity of care and the feeling of knowing one doctor tricky. They review the labs right before the appointment - which can be problematic when there are concerns or lab questions. Like many practices, communication for concerns is channeled through the nurse.I’m sick of the damn mask policy.
I’ve been a patient at Elite Women’s Health for over 5 years now, I’ve seen them through 2 of my pregnancies and I’ve had a great experience both times. The staff, nurses and providers are all wonderful, very helpful, attentive and accommodating. I like that you see all the providers while you’re pregnant so that you see a familiar face when it’s time to deliver. I really like everyone I’ve seen at Elite, they are always thorough, answer any questions you have and share information needed without it being overwhelming. Dr. Stadulis delivered my middle baby and Julie Flanagan delivered my youngest last month. The care at the hospital by Elite’s providers is great, they check in often and my labor and delivery experience was comfortable and quick. So thankful to have found such a great OBGYN office!!
I have been going here since 2019, they have worked with me throughout both of my pregnancies. They are always really helpful and answer any questions you may have. At the end of my second pregnancy they answered all of my questions and explained everything since I only went to 34 weeks with my first. The front desk staff is always so friendly when you walk in and make sure you have everything you need when you leave.
I absolutely love this office. The front desk staff is always so nice and helpful. The medical assistants, nurses are amazing and Dr TePaske is so wonderful. A truly compassionate doctor. I'm so appreciative of all of them and more than highly recommend them.
Absolutely love this office! They delivered both of my children and both times the process was smooth as can be! Love that they have opened up an office in Spotsylvania.. it is very convenient for me! Anytime someone is in search of an OBGYN I always recommend Elite!!
Most will think I am biased because I work for Elite Women’s Health but, I believe in giving credit where credit is due! I recently had emergency spinal surgery and it would not have been possible without the care and concern of our physician team!! Thank You Dr.Patel for getting me to the best Orthopedic Group(Orthopedic Specialty Group)! Thank you for taking my calls at 4am when I was in so much pain, placing a call that got me to the ER and to Dr.Neary!!Thank you for bringing me a blanket, toothbrush, toothpaste, lotion, chapstick, (she knows I’m vain)slippers, and salt and pepper shakers(office joke)!😄 You went above and beyond!! I’ve learned in my lifetime that people do what’s in their hearts and not because they have to!! Thank you Dr.Stadulis and Dr.Te Paske for sitting at my bedside to make sure I was okay. Thank you Sanjay for making sure I had what I needed and my insurance was good! Thank you Jackie, Nurse Practitioners/Midwives, front desk staff & nurses for your calls, text messages and visits!!! For telling me, it’s ok! You get well! We got you!!You want to know why our practice is “The Best in the Burg”? This is why!!!!Elite Women’s Health is the best because of their care and compassion! If you get a rescheduled appointment…. understand it’s because they are putting the care of a patient FIRST and one day , you may be that patient!!You want a Great Group of Doctors, Midwives, Practitioners, Nurses, and Front Desk Staff…. Choose Elite!! I promise you won’t be sorry!I choose you guys every day of the week and twice on Sunday’s!!! Thank You for being my Family away from home!! I’m proud to say I work here!!! I wouldn’t be any place else!! God puts the right people in your life at the right time!!! ❤️❤️🙏🏽🙏🏽
Doctors are awesome
I absolutely love their office. I always go to the Fredericksburg location. All staff have been great and I have been going there for years. I dropped a star though because they STILL are not allowing patients to bring anyone with them. My husband drives flatbed over the road. I do not have other family around here. I don’t trust many people around here with my kids. The person I use to have watch my kids is no long available to watch them because she took a career. So what am I suppose to do with my 1 year old and 3 year old for my appointments??? Am I suppose to just not get prenatal care because your office is behind on the times?? My primary care allows me to bring my kids! Unfortunately my primary care isn’t a delivery doctor and I really love your office and staff. So should I just go to my primary care doctor more most appointments?? Like seriously, this is so frustrating. Can you please allow patients to at least bring their children ??? This is ridiculous!
I have been a patient of Dr. Patels for years. The staff is friendly, kind and attentive.
I have been a patient at Elite Women's for a few years now and are expecting our first baby here very shortly. The staff is always amazing to work with and so extremely kind. They will help you in any way they possibly can to make your appointments work and to give you a great experience in their office. Every team member there, Midwife (LOVE the midwives!!) and Doctor is great to work with and are always there for you with compassion and will make sure you are taken care of. This is by far the best office and greatest OBGYN in town!
I’ve been seen by these doctors for 10 years. They delivered both of my babies. I will always recommend them. The front staff is AMAZING and Lauren the midwife is my favorite!
My wife was a patient with Elite health for one year, dr patel and all nurses and the front dusk team offered the best service and treatment.
Elite Women's Health is the best! I've been a patient for years and am beyond happy with the care I recieve. The staff is courteous and kind from the front desk ladies to the clinical staff in the back. I always feel heard and cared for.
Very nice staff and quick to get respond back to you and help with any information you need
After having an awful experience with the practice that delivered my first baby, I wanted a new OB. Elite has been so wonderful with my second pregnancy. Every doctor, nurse, and front desk staff member I have dealt with have been amazing. Everyone is always so patient and kind, even with the silliest questions or concerns. Special shoutout to Dr. Te Paske and nurse Rochelle. They are two of the best I have ever dealt with. I would highly recommend Elite Women's Health and will continue to see them after this pregnancy.EDIT to add that Leah Choate and Deann, her nurse are also exceptional and so kind. They feel like you are talking to a friend and give their honest opinions! Love them!
Hello, my name is Meena Mistry. I needed to be seen by an OB-GYN and chose to see Dr. Zeenat Patel at Elite woman's health in Fredericksburg, VA. Dr. Patel is highly qualified and experienced doctor. I am so satisfied with my visit with her. She is very friendly and kind and she understands patient's concerns. Her staff treated me very well. If you are looking for the best OB-GYN, don't go anywhere else. Just call Elite Woman's Health and ask for Dr. Zeenat Patel.
I just finished my appointment and wanted to post my review immediately because of my positive experience. I have had multiple women’s health doctors and the team at Elite Women’s Health are hands down a quality and professional group. The front desk administrative team members are kind, uplifting, and personable. The medical profession who took my weight/blood pressure was informative, kind, and helpful. Following, Dr. Butz was absolutely amazing. She took a generous amount of time to discuss my family history, personal needs and experiences, recommendations, testing, questions and concerns. I felt she truly cared about my female health and well-being, with a sense of connectivity and general kindness. This is the first time I truly felt like my female health was heard and cared about. Thank you very much for the positive appointment, you have a client for life!
When I was pregnant a few years ago I went to 3 different ob-gyns that were highly rated in the area. Elite Women’s Health was by far the best experience and I’ve kept going to them for years because of it. They helped me through a tough miscarriage and did some testing to see if there was something going on (I had 2 miscarriages after having 3 perfectly healthy children). It looked like there were no underlying issues so we kept trying and EWH has delivered my last 2 babies. Dr. Te Paske is phenomenal and the office staff and nurses are always so sweet and pleasant. Would highly recommend!!!
The staff is super friendly, the nurses are super nice and know what they’re doing. The doctors are incredibly and I never feel rushed they actually take their time with you and make sure they answer your questions. Had such a wonderful experience so blessed to have found them!!!
Elite Women's Health is the best! The staff is professional and kind, and I felt I was receiving great, personalized care during my pregnancy, labor & delivery and postpartum.
Jonas Te Paske, Is one of the best doctors I have known in my life. I went through very hard time with my miscarriage at week 13 and needed a good and kind doctor to help me with my surgical procedure. He did not only provided me the best care but lots of emotional support. I am very satisfied with my treatment. He is kind, compassionate and gives time to his patients. I would always go to him for my future pregnancies.I highly recommend him to anyone else who is looking for a good doctor.
The staff at Courthouse Rd are amazing! Visiting this location was a change for me as I’ve been a patient at the Tompkin’s Plaza office for over 16 years. The convenience of receiving the same level of outstanding care at an Elite office that is closer to home is a win win for me. I especially love that I can still see all my favorite people, clinical staff, and doctors. It is comforting and will keep me coming back 🙂 Elite is by far the first and only OBGYN I recommend for women’s health in the Spotsylvania area.
I’ve been an Elite patient since 2013 and trust them completely. Their newer office in spotsy is very nice with short wait times. I love all the providers and recommend them to all my friends and family.
The care at EWH is exceptional! Lauren CNM and Dr. Patel are the best. I’ve always felt like they advocated for my needs and listened to my concerns. The best care around for sure!!!
I highly recommend Dr. Patel at Elite Women’s Health. The check in/check out procedures were efficient and quick. The office was very clean. The staff was helpful and caring. Nurse Krissy was all sunshine and made me feel relaxed. Dr. Patel is a wonderful doctor...knowledgeable and always makes me feel cared for and comfortable. An excellent team of women that care for your needs!
Elite Women’s Health is the best of the best! This is my third pregnancy with them, and I can say they take care of you like family! They have the best doctors, midwifes, and staff! I can’t say enough good things about this practice! Highly recommend!
I've been a patient with this practice for over 10 years and have received excellent care from Dr. Zeenat Patel. She goes above and beyond to ensure I have very coordinated care and is extremely compassionate. The staff are always positive and professional, very eager to assist with any request. I have recently moved away from the area and am very disappointed that I can no longer be a patient with this group. I highly recommend anyone to seek care with Dr. Patel or her associates!
The care and attention provided to me has been exceptional. Dr. Patel is an amazing doctor and surgeon. She makes sure to discuss every detail to ensure understanding, provide alternatives to all procedures and makes you feel cared for beyond the patient/doctor relationship. I would highly recommend Elite Women's Health and Dr. Patel to anyone seeking these types of services.
I switched after many years and 3 births from another local OB office. I was pregnant with our 4th baby and wanted to finally be treated right and start new with a new doctor. They were recommended to me by 2 local labor and delivery nurses. I loved my first patient visit and love how the front staff treated me from day one, even when setting up the first appt over the phone. Dr. Te Paske has been wonderful to me. He looked me in the eyes and apologized to me for my treatment at my prior OB office and for the cesarean deliveries in my past that seemed unneeded. Finally, a doctor acknowledged this and in turn validated my feelings I’ve had for years. It meant a lot to me to finally feel valued. He also made sure to make me feel like everything is MY choice. Sadly, my pregnancy ended in a miscarriage I didn’t see coming. He was beyond amazing during the entire ordeal. He even called me on the phone and responded to my emails with all the questions I had and the whys, and what if’s for the future. I’ve never personally had a doctor call me before, who didn’t charge me to do so, and I made sure to thank him for that. He made my miscarriage less hard and I don’t know if he understands how much he helped, as doctors can really make that experience better or worse for you. He made sure to let me know we can do future testing, and directed me on what to do. The front desk staff were also wonderful with my loss. They filled out my husband’s FML paperwork for work and replied to me via email and phone in a very timely manner. I love that they also have an online portal you can communicate to them through, and see lab and test results. They also apologized more than once for my circumstances and talked to me so gently on the phone. I could tear up just thinking about it, but I just feel so appreciative to all of them for making my loss easier to handle and not shutting the door on me in that time. I’m so happy I made the move and left my prior OB.
Absolutely love everyone in this office! I’ve been seeing Dr. Patel for years and would never see anyone else.. the new spotsy office makes things even more convenient bc I don’t have to go into the hospital! Office staff and nurses are always super friendly and willing to help me! ❤️
Love Elite women’s health!! This office is amazing! From the moment I walked into the office my experience was exceptional! The front staff is super friendly and the doctors are all wonderful! I highly recommend this office! They are all great!
Last year I needed to find a new gyn group after my physician retired. I was very fortunate to find Elite Women's Health! Dr. Patel has a stellar reputation. The office staff was kind and efficient also. My visit was with Ms. Courtney Miller, WHNP, and I was very pleased with her management plan for me. I've just made a follow-up appointment with her for next month.
I was recommended to Elite by my coworkers & I am so thankful for the recommendation! I have been a patient at Elite for 3 years now and we will soon be welcoming our 2nd little one with the group. I have had visits with each provider for both little ones & have been well taken care of each visit! The front office staff is always extremely friendly & makes the check-in, paperwork & payment process very easy & efficient. The nursing staff are always courteous during visits and are very prompt with communication & return calls for any post-visit questions or concerns. Today was my first visit with the new ultrasound tech; she was so kind, kept me comfortable during the ultrasound & got the best pictures of our 2nd little one to date! We cannot say enough wonderful things about Dr. Patel who took such good care of us with my first c-section, except that we are looking forward to my 2nd with her as well! If you are looking for exceptional OB/GYN care do yourself a favor and make an appointment at Elite, you won't regret it!
I’m so glad to have found Elite Women’s Health four years ago during my first pregnancy. Their commitment to delivering high quality care was obvious from the start! Providers and staff have all been so helpful and friendly. I’ve been especially impressed with Lauren Backy, CNM, who delivered both of my babies; her care, knowledge, and concern for my comfort and preferences made for two incredibly positive birthing experiences.
Elite Women’s Health has been caring for me for six years. Their staff is efficient, respectful, caring, and sympathetic. Dr. Patel brought my twin babies into this world and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. More recently, I visited the new office location and it’s just as great as the original! I highly recommend and just love the staff.~Liz JacksonColonial Beach, VA.
Elite has always provided excellent services to myself, my family, and my friends. The practice runs smoothly and efficiently from the front office staff, to the medical assistants, to the providers themselves. I have experienced both easy pregnancies and high-risk/complicated pregnancies with this office and they have managed BOTH with care and attention to detail. I would highly recommend Elite to anyone looking for an OB/GYN in the Fredericksburg area.
Baby number TWO delivered 7/7/2020 and I couldn’t be more happy with the process. Mary Washington L & D and Motherhood were amazing as usual but let me tell you how grateful I am to belong to Elite Women’s Health!They are nothing short of excellent... from the FRONT DESK and back! Every visit I have ALWAYS been greeted with a smile. I have felt important as well as the life inside of me the entire time.Dr. TePaske took care of me the first night in the hospital. I’ve heard wonderful things about him and only a couple short visits with him... I see why! Amazing!Julie delivered my Tucker - I am forever grateful to she and Dr. Stadulis for the births of both of my children. Julie was incredibly patient, encouraging, gentle, and thorough! Julie rocks!Dr. Butz, cared for me through a great deal of my pregnancy also... checked on me first thing in the morning after he was born to see how I was feeling. She, her bedside manner, and knowledge... I’d trust her over and over again! She also administered my sons circumsition - funny but I cannot tell you how many times people in the pediatric office have complimented what an excellent job she did! Thank you!Thank you, to ALL at Elite!Forever faithful to you,Amie
Was cared for by this facility up until I suffered the loss of my baby yesterday at 16 weeks. I only got the chance to meet two physicians who were very nice and compassionate (Lauren and Julie). Dr. Ta Paske was the on call doctor yesterday and it was my first time meeting him, he took awesome care of me the whole time I was there. I just wanted to give him a shoutout because I really felt like he empathized and sympathized with me. I was able to deliver my lifeless baby boy and him and the nursing staff at MW handled him so gently and loving. Thank you all so much for making this tragic part of my life a little more at ease.
I just had my first visit (My previous GYN retired). Usually, the first time visiting a new doctor and staff can be trying. However, this was not the case with Dr. Stadulis and Staff. From the moment I walked through the door until the time that I left, my experience was perfect. The front office staff were very welcoming and down to earth and the nurses greeting me for my visit were the same. It was a great 1st time visit all around! Thank you Dr. Stadulis and Staff! Very happy that i chose this office!!!
They are the absolute best! I love the front staff. They are always helpful and cherry. I have Gawddd awful health insurance and they worked out a payment plan for me and answered any questions or concerns I had and I’m forever grateful. After having a terrible near death experience with my first child (survivors of Generations of Women and Dr Mercado you know my pain!!) due to completely uncaring obgyn, I am at peace knowing people actually care and this time I won’t have to go through a nightmare of an experience again. I don’t feel like just a ticket number and a check, the doctors have all treated me as if I’m a real person and they truly care. Dr Patel is amazing! & Courtney Miller is literally the sweetest. I haven’t seen all the doctors yet, but everyone I’ve met so far are wonderful. You are in good hands here I promise!!
EWH is amazing! I have been a patient of theirs for 4 years now. I have seen every provider and I love them all! They take the time to listen to you and genuinely care about their patients. In 2017 I suffered a miscarriage and the entire staff was deeply sympathetic and caring. A month later I was hospitalized due to an infection from that miscarriage and Dr. Stadulis took excellent care of me. She literally checked on me every hour or two. Words cannot explain how much that meant to me and how safe I felt in her care. In 2018 I became pregnant with my rainbow baby and the entire staff once again offered exceptional care! Dr. Stadulis delivered my daughter and did an amazing job! I was terrified of the spinal tap before my C-section and she held my hand and talked me through it. I cannot say enough about EWH, I love every member there... y’all are like family to me!
Dr. Te Paske is a great provider. He is thorough, knowledgeable, but most of all caring of his patients. I suffered a miscarriage and he spent 30 minutes with my husband and me, reassuring us, giving us information, but just letting me sob and get out the heartache was what I needed in the moment and the compassion he showed will be forever remembered and I am eternally grateful for.
This practice is fantastic! Kind, caring front desk staff, wonderful nurses who return calls the same day and are eager to help and Courtney Miller, the best NP I've ever seen! Everyone here makes you feel welcome, important and cared for. Beautiful, clean offices make the experience even better. So happy I was referred to this practice and I plan to remain a patient for many years.
Love this office and I’ve seen pretty much everyone here. They are kind and knowledgeable really care for their patients. They are a busy office but I don’t mind holding for great care!
Elite women's health treated me amazingly throughout my entire pregnancy. The front desk staff is friendly and helpful, and all of the doctors and midwives there are kind, knowledgeable, and informative. They go with their gut feeling about things and really make sure that you are okay and taken care of instead of just pushing you out the door like a number. Julie delivered my baby boy just a few days ago and I could not be happier with the care and instruction she provided me, especially being a first time mom. I give Elite Women's 1000 thank yous.
I love Dr. Stadulis. I started seeing her at a different office in 2008. She was attentive and informative on my situation during my pregnancy and afterwards. She genuinely cares about her patients. She delivered my daughter and has tended to my other issues ever since. She has a special talent in her field for making good judgement calls to go with her extensive knowledge. I happened to have a rare situation that she got me through. My sister who hates gyn appts comes down from north Virginia to see Dr. Stadulis as well.
A group of doctors who care about their patients - happy with my level care for 3 + years... don't plan on going any where else.
I moved to Virginia in April of this year. When I first moved, I had scheduled to establish at a different OBGYN office here in Fredericksburg, however I my first impressions led me to Elite Women's Health.Dr. Stadulis, MD has been a class act. Her level of patient care and bedside manner is impeccable. Under her care she listens, investigates and takes my concerns seriously. She never once minimized or questioned my concerns.After years of care with another OBGYN, and enduring ongoing pain especially during menstruated cycles, Dr. Stadulis proactively moved forward with treatment and scheduled me for surgery. Although I am still currently recovering, I am so grateful for the kindness she and all staff at Elite Women's Health exhibit.If you’re looking for an OBGYN provider, I have no doubt you will be impressed with Elite Women’s Health. Hands down, the best. If only they could duplicate this service in every OBGYN office everywhere... ♥️
Elite Women's Health is simply the best. From the moment you walk in your greeted by the nicest front desk that is so knowledgeable, caring and will go out of their wait to assist you each one I've never had a bad encounter. The nurses are so sweet, compassionate and just lovely. I absolutely adore their MidWife Lauren she goes above and beyond and takes the time to discuss all concerns and goes into great detail to provide you with all the information so you can make the best decision for you and your birth plan, she's truly there for you and your voice is heard. Dr. Stadulis & Dr. Patel you could not ask for better advocates for your care and health. It wasn't until them that they I found out my medical condition after being turned away from multiple practices without any diagnosis. They listened they head and they are one of the main reasons I'm a Mom of a toddler and expecting baby 2. Throughout the process Dr. Stadulis, always took the time with each appointment and made me feel like her only patient. I needed a c section due to my son's positioning and between her and Lauren going over everything ahead of time when the day came the procedure was picture perfect and my sweet boys birth was so special. Dr. Stadulis still was able to give me so many things on my birth plan with a c section that I didn't think would be possible. Her compassion and love for her job shows and I couldn't imagine seeing any other doctors or going to any other practice. You're not just a number in their patient lists, you are family from the moment you walk in, until the moment you leave. Your care is in the best of hands and everyone there you can tell loves their job it shows with big smiles, hugs and compassion.
I've been a patient with this team for 4 years now and every single time I walk out feeling heard, seen, and respected. Dr. Patel, and Courtney Miller, NP are amazing. They both walk in to the room and immediately ease any anxiety I might have. My visits are quick and efficient, and I know I am in good hands. With my general practitioner I find I have to make multiple trips and go back and forth to get issues addressed. However here, the doctors have been able to recognize and diagnose within 1 visit (with follow up tests of course), thank you so much!
I am a new patient of Elite Women's Health after transferring from another practice. From the moment I walked in to the office to the moment I left, I was treated with the upmost respect. I had the amazing opportunity to see Courtney Miller, Nurse Practitioner for my first appointment. Courtney walked into the room and greeted me with the friendliest smile which put a lot of my fears and anxiety to rest immediately. She took her time getting to know me, letting me ask questions and never once did I feel rushed or like any question was too silly to ask. Courtney was exactly what I was looking for by transferring to Elite Women's Health... someone I could trust and rely on. Someone who I knew really cared about me and my health - and that person is Courtney Miller! Another amazing part of Elite Women's Health is I didn't have to wait weeks for test results. Once the results were in, I was contacted immediately. Which as any women knows, helps our anxious minds. I would highly recommend Elite Women's Health and especially Courtney Miller, Nurse Practitioner! If you are looking for that special friend/confidant/health care provider to take care of you - Courtney Miller is your perfect match. Thank you, Courtney and Thank you, Elite!
My wife has been a patient of Dr. Stadulis for 5 months. She is very professional and has a great bedside manner. She listens and understands the patient. The office staff is very nice too. Lauren is awesome as well. Thank you to all of the staff here and hope we will have even better experience with the future visits.Update:I lowered my rating because of the office hours that says 8-430 but they are closed for 2hrs for lunch break. I understand businesses can have their own hours but a little more flexibility for the customer is important too. We all have to work too. This is the only office that has a 2 hours lunch break and closes at 430. Even government offices dont have 2 hrs break.
Excellent caring staff. The nurses and front desk always willing to help and always super friendly. The doctors are Always there for you. The best Obgyn doctors around !!
Been coming here a few years now. Was able to make an appointment for the next day! Lauren was great and answered all my questions.
Have nothing but good things to say in regards to my pregnancy and delivery of my daughter. I saw Dr. Patel, Dr Tepaske and Lauren and they all had excellent bedside manner and always willing to answer all questions for the anxious first time mother. I will continue to get all of my GYN care here.
I have always enjoyed the caring and trustworthy service I have received when I am actually in the office, however getting ahold of the scheduling and administrative areas of the practice or receiving a call back from them has proven to be difficult on a number of times. I just attempted to call and make an appointment, during the business hours that they say they are open, only to have the answering system tell me that they are closed. It’s frustrating to say the least.
I have been a patient at Elite Women's Health since the practice opened. Great care and genuine concern for their patients. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for an OB/GYN practice!
I have been going here for the past 7 years and have never had a negative experience. All of the staff is incredibly friendly, all the way from the front desk, to the nurses, and the doctors. Dr. Colon was my first doctor here, and he was great! When he left, I switched to Lauren, and I love her! She has been so helpful and supportive throughout all of my pregnancies and I always look forward to seeing her. I have been seen by all of the other doctors in the office as well, and they are all great. Dr. Stadulis has delivered my last 2 children, and I felt very comfortable and safe in her care. I delivered a few weeks ago, and she was very attentive to me, making sure I received the best care. Mary Washington is not my favorite place to deliver, but because of the great doctors and my experiences at Elite is why I stay.
All doctors at this practice are incredible and genuinely care about their patients well-being. The office staff is beyond amazing and accommodating. I highly recommend EWH and wouldn’t imagine going anywhere else!
I cannot say enough wonderful things about Elite Women’s Health. From the front desk to the nurses to the physicians, I always felt like I was the first priority. Dr. Te Paske is kind, patient and understanding. He helped me through my second pregnancy and all the questions that came with it. I could not recommend this practice enough!
I have had the BEST experience at Elite! The front desk is awesome, they always answer my questions so nicely and made me feel comfortable. The doctors were amazing, I never worried about my baby because she was in good hands, they didn’t make me feel nervous or worried about my pregnancy! I definitely am thankful that I am able to go to their practice 🙂
I didn't even want a male OBGYN... until I met Dr. TePaske 🙂 he actually knew I was apprehensive and decided to take the time to talk with me about it. We developed a bond, and now, I can't imagine going to anyone else! This past weekend - he delivered my baby 🤗 a healthy little boy. And he wasn't even scheduled to be at the hospital! He left his company Christmas party early, just to make sure I felt comfortable by him being there during labor. I just love that guy. I'm so blessed to have him ❤
I love both drs... they are kind and caring. I’ve been going here for years. Best place for women’s health care. My daughter and niece goes here as well.
The best group of people I have ever met!Everyone was nice and our visits were never rushed, I highly recommend them!
Absolutely love this office! I have been a patient of Dr. Patel’s for years...this is not just a doctors office anymore.. this is my second family! Highly recommend!
Caring, great customers service, professional doctors and office staff. Very friendly. Everyone is caring and professional, you feel like they are family. I travel from the Winchester Va area to see them. I wouldn't go anywhere else. Don't wait long, curtious office staff willing to do their best to get you in ASAP. Just love them all
I had my first appointment yesterday with Dr Jonas Te Paske for a follow up from another doctor for a possible ectopic pregnancy. Turns out it was an ectopic pregnancy and I needed surgery right away. I am so grateful for him. He saved my life!! He is the MOST caring Dr I have ever met in my entire life. He has the best bedside manor and stayed by my side through the whole process and made me feel so at ease even though I was really scared. I am SO glad I came to this practice and I will never be leaving. Everyone was so nice. I’m still just in awe.
We have used Elite for both of our pregnancies and I can't say enough about the experiences we've had with EVERYONE in the office. Most recently, Lauren was my midwife for the birth of our 2nd daughter in August. She truly made it an exceptionally beautiful experience. She was incredibly supportive of my plan to deliver naturally and she kept my husband and I calm, confident and informed the whole way! It really was a phenomenal day and I credit that mostly to Lauren and our wonderful L&D nurse at MWHC, Erica. Thank you all for assisting our growing family!
There are no words to express how thankful I am for every single person in this practice. They have always treated me like family. I wouldn't have been able to survive the death of my daughter without their outstanding care. The care and compassion from every single person is truly one of a kind. They are not only knowledgeable as doctors but they actually care for you. There is NO other doctor office that has ever treated me the way they have. Stephanie French.
I love this office! Dr. Patel delivered both of my babies and I always recommend her and the office to friends and acquaintances. She is attentive, down to earth and never had me worried unnecessarily. The ladies in the front are so so friendly and accommodating! I can not recommend this office enough!
Switched from another place. Not only did they fit me in last minute but they were really nice about it. I also needed a prescription refill and my doctor’s nurse called it in for me right away! I didn’t have to wait forever!! These people are so nice and are on top of things! Definitely recommend going here. They make me feel comfortable and welcome every time I call it go in.
EWH is simply the best!
I have going to this practice for 3 plus years now. I recommend to everyone I know. There office staff are amazing and well the back staff and doctors are beyond amazing. I thanks these Doctors daily they truly are the reason my 25 week preemie is here. BEST DOCTOR'S IS FREDERICKSBURG!!!!
My experience with Elite has been amazing. The doctors nurses and the front desk staff have all been outstanding, they are always willing to help do anything they can for you and treat you like family. I wouldnt pick any other place to go. Thank you all for your help and support it truly means alot.
The staff always goes above and beyond to make you feel welcome and comfortable from the time you step into the office and then through labor and delivery! I Love everyone there! I couldnt recomend a better place!
I have been a patient here for over 10 years and would never and will never go anywhere else! Dr. Patel and her staff are absolutely amazing and take outstanding care of you! The front office staff is also amazing! Definitely would recommend this place to anyone and everyone ❤️❤️❤️
After many different practices in the area for various reasons it’s comforting to finally find one where the front office is friendly and welcoming and always has it together, the nurses are great, and NP and Dr. Patel are just wonderful. I’ve never felt so at ease and wanted to say thank you to everyone at Elite for all you do!
We love Lauren! Highly recommend seeing her if you’re considering natural birth.
I have been to several women's health offices in Fredericksburg, and this was by far the best experience. I saw Courtney Miller for my appointment and she was absolutely wonderful- she listened to any concerns I had and was extremely professional all while giving the utmost care. 10/10 recommend!
I just recently switched to this OB in after a horrible experience with my last OB. Everyone is very friendly from the front desk staff, nurses, midwives, and doctors. I have been to the office 3 times now and each time I have asked to be with a different person so I can make sure it really is as it appears. I literally left my appointment the other day with tears from laughing so hard with one of the midwives. Everyone is very knowledgeable and wants you to have the best care possible. They never make you feel stupid for asking a question and honestly they have answered most of my questions before I even had the chance to ask them. I highly recommend this practice!!! Thank you for all you do ladies.
My daughter has received exceptional care here, couldn’t be more pleased!Her midwife Melissa is patient and kind and really listens to her needs during her difficult pregnancy.
This place is absolutely wonderful. Everyone is extremely nice and so attentive.
Shout out to the whole staff- always so friendly and efficient. Thank you for doing a great job!
Love all of the Doctors and their nurses! Awesome practice.
After Generations of Women suddenly closed I found myself super lost, I was 27 weeks pregnant with my third child and had no idea where to go. I had never switched providers in the middle of my pregnancy before and was extremely anxious. I saw that Elite women had great reviews and I decided to make an appointment and see if I could transfer there. The staff was super professional and let me know their transfer process from the beginning. This kind of clarity was welcomed since I was told in Generations that I had to sign a release form a few days before my last appointment. Within a few days I already had an appointment for my 28 weeks checkup and Glucose test. Now I'm 33 weeks and from the front desk to the doctors and nurses I have had nothing but the best experience. I used to have to wait at least 1 hour in Generations of Women just to get to be seen and then more waiting...even though I had an appointment and arrived early every time. However, now at Elite's I get to see the doctor a lot quicker and I am always at my car heading home within an hour!!! Generations of Women closing was truly a blessing in disguise!!!! I did not know what i was missing in my previous providers until I switched to Elite Women's Health! I am so much happier! Super friendly staff who truly cares about you and your growing family!
Elite Women's Health is an amazing practice ran by very warm hearted individuals. I have always been treated with respect and care during every visit.
I love this practice! Found this practice last year during my first pregnancy. Had appointments with each provider since I didn't know who would be on call when I delivered. Dr. Stadulis is amazing!!! I have never seen such a compassionate doctor. I had a lot of anxiety before my first delivery, she took time to answer all my questions, never rushed me. She included my husband in everything. Dr Hollander was on call during the delivery and I unfortunately had a C-section. However, Dr Hollander did an amazing job and I've since had several doctors comment on how they've never seen such a small C-section incision (lucky me!!!!). I saw Dr. Stadulis for my follow up and I was struggling with post pardum hormones. She was so incredibly kind to me. I will never go to another obgyn!!! The front office and nurses are terrific as well. I have never had billing issues. We even questioned them about a charge and they printed out our entire payment history and insurance info. The entire experience with Elite Women's Health has been very pleasant 🙂 I highly recommend them!
I absolutely LOVE this practice. From the time you walk in the office until you leave you will definitely feel like family. I've seen every medical professional there and interacted with just about every nurse. I love them all. I look forward to visits, especially with my sonographer. She is so sweet and takes her time with you and your baby. I opted to meet with all the doctors because I wasn't sure who would deliver me and it was the best decision for my family and me. Everybody was invested in us. In the end Dr. Patel ended up delivering my sweet baby girl and it was a wonderful experience. You will not be disappointed if you select this provider. I chose another one initially and the experience between the two providers was night and day. Elite Women's Health is just that, ELITE! They will forever be family!
I LOVE this practice!! The doctors are OUTSTANDING in their skill, knowledge and bedside manner. I have started seeing NP Courtney Miller and She is wonderful. I recently did not have health insurance for 5 months and they ensured I had enough of my prescription to last until my new insurance took affect. From the moment you walk through the doors until checking out everyone (front desk staff, Nurses, Medical Providers) is very professional, kind and compassionate. I am a healthcare professional and the three things that are important are 1)Skill/knowledge, 2) Customer Service, and 3) Respect....THIS practice provides all three and in my experienceS go over and above!!!!
Elite women's health is the best! The front staff is so kind; not just to me but when I bring in my 3 kids because I can't get a sitter and they know their names and love on them! Carrie, Robin, and Sam are so sweet! The nurses are friendly and if I call Yahara with a question she always get back to me quickly. The doctors are professional but also take the time to know you. They are very knowledgeable and I trust them. Dr. Patel is the best!
I absolutely love this place all the women who work here are very kind and informative. All of my questions and concerns were always answered. I love that they never leave you wondering about lab results as soon as they are in they call you and explain everything thoroughly. There office is always very clean. Would highly recommend this office.
This memo is an opportunity for me to express how grateful I am to the Elite Women's Health organization. After becoming a breast cancer patient my attention to my overall health care became an even more highlighted concern. I transferred from another women's healthcare organization because I needed to know that my physicians were as concerned proactively about my health as I am. Dr. Patel openly excepted me as a new patient and immediately gave me the confidence I needed to know that my health concerns were her priority as being one of her patients.Recently, I had to contact the office due to a health concern and they actively scheduled an appointment. Rochelle confirmed my appointment while ensuring me that they would promptly address my concern. Her pleasantries promote professionalism and compassion. Courtney Miller, NP was extremely thorough while considering all possibilities of risk assessment. Due to the high proficiency of their office set-up and specialty staff I received the necessary procedures to move forward quickly for good health. Tiera also, assisted during my office visit providing a high level of professionalism that seems to come so naturally with the entire staff. I also, had a great opportunity to meet with Dr. Stadulis, (very detailed and compassionate). It is so obvious to why the Elite Women's Health organization has such a high rating. Their patient care standards are even higher.
Wonderful physicians as well as staff. Very compassionate and caring with regards to what's going on with your overall health. Would highly recommend to anyone
As a nurse that works at Mary Washington Hospital I have the pleasure of working with all of the doctors. I have personally chosen Elite Women's Health for both of my pregnancies and gyn care. I can't tell you how happy I have been with them. I have seen Dr. Patel (amazing), Dr. Stadulis and Courtney, NP and I always feel that all of my questions are answered and I never feel rushed in the office. Dr. Patel delivered both of my babies and I could not ask for a better experience. If you are looking for a new Ob or gyn care I urge you to go see Elite Women's Health! I send all of my friends, family to them! I can't say enough good things about them:)
even though i live almost an hour away my drive is worth it. They took very good care of me when i was pregnant an high risk. Dr. Staduilus was great and i hope she is my doctor for all of my pregnancies!
I transferred to this office halfway though my pregnancy, and it was the best decision I made. Everyone that I saw was very knowledgeable, supportive, and approachable. I saw Dr. Patel for a few visits, and she was amazing. Very knowledgeable and answered all questions very thoroughly. For the last visits, I saw Lauren, and she was outstanding. I was very nervous about labor and delivery, since it was my first pregnancy. She reassured me and explained everything that would happen, and told us decisions my husband and I would need to think about beforehand. She took the time at each appointment to make sure that I was comfortable, and more at ease about labor. When we asked if she would be able to be there for the delivery, she assured us she would be there, and she kept her word!I have nothing but good things to say about Elite, they are definitely the best!
I've received great care by the nurses and doctors and great service by the office staff throughout my pregnancy- highly recommend!
Dr. Colon has been my OB/GYN for many years, even long before he and his colleagues started this practice. He has always been right on top of everything I needed. He pushes for second opinions on matters, and knows just who to refer you to so that you are taken care of. I would recommend him to anyone.
Dr Stadulis and her staff are amazing! She has been following and assisting in my care for a few years! I had my tubes reversed in 2012 and she has been handling my care over and beyond the care of a physician. I found out I was pregnant in 2013 and she took me right in and monitored me! Unfortunately, the pregnancy resulted in a DNC. She was very compassionate thorough and sweet, as was her staff! I am now pregnant again and I must say again she and her staff have gone above and beyond to accommodate me and my situation, giving me the best care with an amazing and caring attitude! This doctor and her staff are the best and I would highly recommend them to anyone!
Dr. Stadulis has been my OB since 2006. I also had a miscarriage and she performed my D&C. I had no complications or complaints with any part of the experience. She was compassionate and professional, and made sure my husband stayed informed and was able to help me recover. The new office at Elite is amazing and wait times have never been longer than a few minutes for me. The staff is always helpful and friendly. I am 23 weeks pregnant now and found myself in the hospital over the weekend due to some really intense pain in my lower back and a lot of pressure that came on suddenly. I thought maybe something was wrong and went in to see the Dr. Colon who was on call this weekend. Although back pain and pressure can be considered normal even this early on, he was very thorough and performed several tests and an ultrasound to be safe and when everything came back normal, he asked me to take it easy for a few days and follow up. I left feeling reassured that everything was fine. I would definitely recommend Elite Women's Health.
My experiences at this office have been positive. The wait times have been better than average compared to my previous ob offices. Dr. Stadulis delivered my first child via Csection and was caring and thorough. She found a defect in my uterus during surgery which a specialist later confirmed and was able to surgically correct. We decided to return to her for this pregnancy and we never feel rushed even though I often have many questions. I would definitely recommend both the office and Dr. Stadulis.