Cigna Patient Notification

May 31, 2021

Dear Cigna Patient:

The physicians of Elite Women’s Health are part of the Mary Washington Health Alliance (“MWHA” or the “Alliance”), an Accountable Care Organization formed in 2013 to improve quality of care and overall patient experience and reduce unnecessary costs for medical providers, hospitals, and patients. We recently received a letter from MWHA advising members of the Alliance that Cigna and MWHA have been unable to reach agreement regarding the renewal of their contract. The current contract between Cigna and the Alliance is scheduled to expire on May 30, 2021.

If the contract expires without a renewal agreement in place, Elite Women’s Health will no longer be in-network with Cigna. Any Cigna patient who continues with our practice may be billed for charges not covered by insurance. It is our understanding that MWHA and Cigna are continuing to negotiate, and we are hopeful that the parties will reach agreement.  Elite Women’s Health fully supports the Mary Washington Health Alliance’s efforts to negotiate fair reimbursements for the hospital and our community physicians.

Current obstetrical patients may be eligible for Cigna’s Continuity or Transition of Care program.  If approved by Cigna, pregnant patients may stay with our practice through their delivery and 6-week postpartum visit at in-network rates.  Please fill out the Cigna Transition of Care / Continuity of Care request form if eligible and send to Cigna no later than June 30, 2021.

We value all our patients and we wanted to provide this information to you as soon as it was made available to us. We understand this may be distressing news, and we are happy to answer questions you may have as we are able.

Yours very truly,

Sanjay S. Patel, CPA
Chief Operating Officer
Elite Women’s Health, Inc.

Download Cigna Transition of Care Form